Hazeldean Pumping Station

The Hazeldean Wastewater Pumping Station is the second largest wastewater pumping station of the 75 stations throughout the Ottawa area. Wastewater from the Glencairn/Hazeldean area is pumped to the Glencairn collector sewer, which meets up with two other large sewer collectors .The wastewater is then conveyed to the Lynwood collector which flows by gravity to the R.O.Pickard Centre for treatment. The station underwent significant renovations in 2014 to increase capacity.

State of the Art Acoustik provided an environmental acoustic study to quantify the existing and proposed level of noise to the environment from the addition of generators, exhaust fans, odour removal units and air handling units, This facility consists of several buildings including a metering chamber, generator building and main pumping station, all of which discharge noise to the environment.

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